Hate Mail

After faaaaaar too long going without looking at the AT email, I came across an email written a while back. It’s my first hate mail! I guess I’ve arrived.

Well, I guess I’ll just be wandering away from the AT email now until I’m significantly less devastated, both on my behalf, my writers and the editors who came before me. ┬áIt’s sad that people feel the need to trash other peoples’ instead of offering some kind of suggestions or assistance. I wonder if people would say the same thing to someone’s face instead of through a computer screen.

One Response to “Hate Mail”

  1. David says:

    Some people suck sometimes, some people suck all the time but very few people never suck.

    They probably forgot to put their brain in when they got dressed that day…

    At the same time, if you keep up your good works then the good is sure to overshadow the bad.

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