Summer “Vacation”

This is the third summer in a row (fourth in five years) that I’ve had to pack and unpack a classroom. In 2008, I packed up my stuff and left it at the school I was temporarily contracted to because I’d been laid off and wasn’t sure if I’d be coming back.  In 2009 I was also laid off, but figured I’d probably be back, so didn’t bother packing.  Also, a LOT of stuff in the classroom belonged to the previous teacher, so it wasn’t a huge deal.  The summer of 2010, my school was undergoing seismic upgrading, so the entire school had to pack up and move to a different building while the construction and deconstruction was going on.  In 2011, we had to pack and unpack again to move back to the original building. Now, for the first time since I became a teacher, I wasn’t laid off, so I decided to switch schools on my own behalf.

I’m a little nuts. Heh.

I’m really looking forward to this new challenge. I’ll be teaching either grade 3/4 or a straight grade 3 class, in a non-Montessori classroom. Lots of changes! I’ve only ever taught in a grade 4/5 Montessori class, so I’m looking forward to potentially not having a split class, and I’m also looking forward to teaching in an officially non-Montessori class. I still love a lot of the Montessori philosophy, so I won’t just be leaving all that behind, but I’m THRILLED that I’m not responsible for packing and unpacking forty boxes of Montessori materials. Beyond thrilled, actually. :)

All of my stuff got moved to my new classroom at the beginning of July (thanks to my two helpers!) and I’ve unpacked about eight boxes of novels. I’m not totally supposed to be in there until the last week of August, but I’ve snuck in a few times. Hopefully I’ll get in a couple more times before the end of summer and will get things into a good place so that the last week is just minor organization. :)


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  1. David says:

    Glad that it all sounds like good things!

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