The Passenger

So, Dave and I are expecting a baby in January. :)

This is kind of a weird post for me to write. I’ve spent the better part of six months not talking about The Passenger online. We’ve only just told people on Facebook and Twitter, although anyone I’ve talked to for more than 30 seconds knows. Beyond the fact that my abdomen has expanded significantly, I tend to have conversations like “Hey, how’s it going?” “Good, I was just heading to the grocery store.” “Oh, yeah, I went to the grocery store the other day to get food BECAUSE I’M PREGNANT.”

I don’t want to become the person who only talks about pregnancy and babies and so on, so I don’t know how much I’ll post on here, but I’ll preemptively answer the main questions that I’ve been getting. :)

We don’t know the sex, but the ultrasound tech wrote it down and put it into an envelope for us. We’ve had it for about two and a half months and haven’t really been tempted to look. I think Dave’s got it in his wallet, but I couldn’t actually tell you exactly. :)

We’ve got a couple names we’re thinking about but haven’t decided on any yet. Dave and I are both really picky about names, so we might have an unnamed child for a while. Does anyone happen to know the time limit for naming a kid? (I’m not entirely joking…)

Nope, we aren’t getting married right now. Maybe in a while.

I’ve been feeling surprisingly good. Almost no nausea…just a smidge of queasiness a couple days early on. I’ve mostly been exhausted and wound up sleeping away most of the summer. My worst complaint is some hip/joint/pelvic pain that’s been slowly getting more intense. I’ve got a support belt I wear that seems to help a lot.

I’m feeling a TON of movement. There’s certain times or things that The Passenger is particularly active around…right when I wake up, around 11 pm, around dinner and when I’m about to go to bed. I didn’t feel much until around 18 weeks, but s/he is making up for it now. The funniest thing is when it seems like The Passenger is jumping on the bed. I’ll be lying on my side and will feel a twitch on the side touching the bed, then another one a split second later on the side that’s toward the ceiling. I’ve heard that regular kick patterns may indicate sleep cycles when the baby is born, so I’m kinda hoping that’s true, since I haven’t felt much at 0300 or anything. :)

Hopefully I’ll be able to work right up until the winter break. My plan is to go on maternity leave then, so that it’s a nice break point.

We’re planning to move in the next little while. We aren’t sure exactly when or where, but ideally we want a bigger place that’s cheaper than what we have now, so wish us luck with that…hehe.

I think that’s about it. :) Now that this big news is out, I think I’ll be able to blog more since I won’t need to watch what I’m writing.


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  1. Erin (Karin's Twin Cousin) says:

    I think I read that you have up to two months to name your baby but to check for sure go to the that site where you register the birth (name is escaping me, you know that Government website with the stuff and the things and the info). Please don’t wait two months, you’ll drive me crazy! I think we should plan rhyming names like our moms did so they can be twins like us. Although I don’t think they will look alike with Dave’s red burliness and Van being Asian and all. But you never know, haha! OOH Stats Canada!! That’s it.

    • David says:

      According to

      “Naming a child and registering the birth are important responsibilities because registration is the only way to create a permanent legal record of a person’s birth. By law, you must register the birth and legal name of your child within 30 days of the birth.”

      Suddenly I think we’re considering the following names: Silver, Orange, Purple…

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